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Footworks Choreography


Getting Started

We are delighted that you are interested in trying Footworks. This online section will get you started in Footworks whether you are new to step or a seasoned “stepper”. Your Footworks journey begins with reviewing/learning the G8’s and Rudiments.

 New To Step?    If you are new to step, or it has been a while, you should start by learning the G8’s moves.

 Veteran "Steppers"    If you are an step aerobics veteran, take a quick glance at the G8’s moves to make sure you recognize them, then proceed directly to the Rudiments..

A Word or Two About Safety

Step Risers

You may notice that risers are not used in Footworks not even in the most advanced levels. This is due to the speed and agility required of the mind and body (feet). Most people think they need risers to get their heart rate up for a good cardio workout. This is counter productive in Footworks. The use of risers will actually slow you down and we do not consider it safe. We highly recommend that you do not use risers as they have no place in Footworks.


The Big Picture

Overview of G8’s, Rudiments and Level One Moves


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